Car shipping – how much will it cost?

        Though car shipping is the easiest and cheapest way to transport your vehicle, certain nuances affect the cost of this service. Among them is the size of your vehicle and its weight. Even the largest trailers can't take all the cars onboard. Moreover, the capacity is much smaller when it comes to hauling trucks, so fewer vehicles can fit in the trailer. It affects the price accordingly.

        As per weight, in most cases, the overall weight of the truck, trailer, and all the cars in it mustn't exceed 80K lbs. It puts certain restrictions on the hauling company and its ability to fit more cars at once. Naturally, shipping a van that weighs more than your standard passenger car may be pricier.


        Car transport - definition

        Vehicle transport implies car shipping – from point A to point B. It may be carried out in an open trailer, which is a less expensive and thus more popular option. Or you can use an enclosed trailer which will cost around 30-40% more.


        How do I get a quote?

        To get the necessary quote, you can either check the company's website and apply online or get in touch directly, via phone or email. To get the quote that would fully satisfy your needs, it's essential to have all the info listed below:

  • Know your vehicle pick-up and delivery locations.
  • Choose open or enclosed transport.
  • Indicate vehicle make, type, and model.
  • Indicate your car's operational status.
  • Choose the earliest possible pick-up date.


        Auto transport industry – a closer look

        First, let's establish a simple fact – three types of companies could be entrusted with your car shipping needs. We're talking about lead providers, carriers, and brokers.

  • Lead providers provide customers with lists of potential carriers. These lists are compiled according to the car owner's needs, preferences, and desired budgets.
  • Carriers do all the heavy lifting. They pick your car up and deliver it to the desired location. You can request a quote directly from the carrier.
  • Brokers are the middlemen between the customers and the carriers. Their main advantage is that they offer a vast selection of options to give car owners a larger array of choices.


        Estimating car shipping costs

        Every quote is completely unique and tailored to the customer's needs. It depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Distance. Needless to say, longer distances will cost you more. However, in certain cases, you will get per-mile discounts. It depends on how long the journey will be.
  • Route. This one takes into consideration the types of roads that the carrier will have to cross on his way to the destination. Seeing how populated locations often imply traffic jams, these may also affect the price.
  • Date of shipping. Since this is one of the factors affecting the price directly, it's best to plan ahead and book your shipping as early as feasible.
  • Car model. This is imperative for the truck driver to know whether the vehicle can be safely placed in the trailer and how much space will be required for its transportation. Larger car modifications will most likely cost you extra.
  • Car transport type. Most customers go for open transport as it's the most efficient and cheapest option. Yet, if you have a classic or luxury car model, you may want to protect it from any debris and choose enclosed car transport. Enclosed shipping will cost you extra.
  • Car condition. Naturally, if the vehicle is running, car shipping will cost you less than if it would require certain equipment or accommodations to move it and place it on the trailer.
  • Car specifics. These will all affect the price since custom vehicles may have certain peculiarities (lower ground clearance, height, length & curb weight) that would make it challenging to fit them in the trailer.
  • Location. Truckers avoid larger metropolitan areas since the traffic there slows them down. So cities and populated locations will add to the price. If you wish to lower it down, select a location that's closer to any major highway, so the trucker can pick it up on the go.  
  • Seasonality. Like birds, car owners often choose the winter season to transport their cars to warmer parts of the country. The demand affects the cost, and car shipping expenses will vary for you depending on the season.


        Car shipping insurance

        Any carrier is legally obliged to have liability insurance. Cargo insurance isn't mandatory by law, and most carriers will not provide it at the get-go. This is why it's best to trust a broker in handling cargo insurance. When talking about coverage, make sure you ask your broker or carrier the following questions:

  • What damages are covered?
  • Is the insurance policy applicable for the entire car or just some of its parts?
  • Is deductible a thing?
  • Is there a limit?
  • Any additional items or accessories coverage?
  • Can additional coverage be purchased?