Open auto transport - definition

        As the name suggests, open transport implies your vehicle is being shipped on an open trailer. You've definitely seen tons of those on the roadways. In most cases, car owners opt for open auto transport. After all, it's way easier to set up, and it doesn't require significant spendings. Typically, an open trailer can fit up to 10 cars (more than an enclosed one), directly affecting the transportation price, and it lowers the cost for the end customer.


        With open auto transport, you get the following perks:

  • Since the vast majority of truckers choose to drive open auto transport trailers, you will get swift service. Much faster than any other shipping solution available on the market right now.
  • Though classic or luxury car owners may be interested in enclosed transportation to minimize the risks, odds are, you will want the ultimate combination of price and quality. The risks are zero to none, and you will get to pay less – open auto transport is the way to go for you!
  • If you want your vehicle to be placed in a way that no other car would be loaded above it, you can always pay a little extra, and it will be done!  
  • Open auto transport is the way to go for the vast majority of haulers. Our job is to help you find the most reliable solution, and there's a bigger chance of finding it among open auto transport shippers.


        Why choose Flamingo?

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  • Most carriers will charge you only once the driver is dispatched to pick your order. It implies that no upfront payment is required!
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